I am Kerri Condley and I'm running for Congress in California's 42nd district as an Independent.

Americans are coming to the realization that both parties are dysfunctionally entrenched in pay-to-play politics and both contribute to the culture of corruption in Washington. A 2014 Gallup poll found that a record 42 percent of Americans identify as Independents -- compared to 31 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republicans.

In 1780, Founding Father John Adams wrote "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties….This is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."

We do not need to elect another politician whose votes in Congress are determined by party leaders. We need independent voices in Washington that are true citizen legislators. Join me in taking back our country from corrupt special interests and career politicians.




 Protect Our Heroes

Call for a select congressional committee on veteran suicide.

Fix the Veterans Administration to support our heroes.

Bring our victorious troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Train Iraqi and Afghan security forces to protect their homeland.

Utilize diplomacy and intelligence for political solutions.


Eliminate the Debt

Shrink the size of federal government by eliminating unnecessary federal agencies.

Streamline the federal budget / cut pork barrel spending.


Protect the Homeland

Secure the southern border.

Destroy the drug cartels that undermine the Mexican economy and fuel illegal immigration.


Ending the Financial Crisis

No more Wall Street bailouts.

Prosecute criminal bankers.  


Create Jobs in California

Invest in businesses that create jobs.

Tax breaks for working class Americans and small businesses.

Invest in clean energy jobs in fields that promote renewable energy. 

Increase California’s privately owned land to spur growth.


Save California's Natural Resources

Protect California’s ranchers and farmers.

No pipelines sending agriculture water out of state.


An Eye on the Future

Invest in high-quality early childhood education.

Attract and retain talented teachers.

Increase funding for technical training.

Public service and volunteerism to pay for college.



Kerri for California

An Independent Voice for the Inland Empire

California's 42nd District

P.O. Box 943  Wildomar, CA 92595