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I entered this race because I’m tired of seeing opportunities wasted because Washington can’t get its act together. Partisan bickering, a childish refusal to cooperate, an unwillingness to face the pressing challenges of our day—these problems have kept us from making progress on issue after issue, and it’s time we say “enough!”
We don’t just need better from Washington—we deserve better:
Wkerri-_Version_3.jpge deserve a Congress that can work toward solutions instead of incessantly arguing about who should get the blame.
We deserve representatives who care more about the improving the lives of working families than about scoring political points pushing their ideological agendas.
We deserve a government that considers growing the middle class and protecting the most vulnerable among us to be more important than catering to big-money interests and campaign donors.
The sad fact is that we can’t afford to wait for Washington to get its act together. It’s up to us to make the changes that our country needs. That’s why I’m running, and that’s why I hope you’ll join me in this fight.
Please take a look around to learn more about my positions on critical issues, the latest news from the campaign, and ways that you can get involved. And check back often!
A Vote to get Congress Moving

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